Safety - The Ultimate Concern
We know that we carry your trust. We know that the lifeline of your business is flowing through our services.

Road safety - a business built upon safety first approach
  1. We adopt all possible methods and measures for flawless safest path to delivery.
  2. All vehicles have to go through regular and very strict safety checking procedures.
  3. Ultra edge safety checking technologies for vehicles are in use in Bhumika Roadlines.>
  4. All drivers have to go through regular health check ups under highly qualified medical professionals to ensure their physical fitness. Be it a long drive or a very short one, we will ensure that they remain at the highest level of mental alertness and physical fitness when they are on duty.
  5. Vehicles and products they are carrying are always insured with all necessary proper documents of full legal compliance.
Operational Safety -Workplace safety - we take a load off your mind and our people make it happen
  1. All operations are carried out by skilled staff specially trained in operational safety.
  2. All modern equipment and instruments are in use for better and safe handling of goods and commodities.
  3. Operational procedures, warehousing and storage containers are specialized and requirement specific such as for food items, beverages, edible oils etc.
  4. Operational processes and ware housings are often under CC TV surveillance and manually guarded.
  5. Depending upon the nature of commodity, armed guards are also deployed if required.
Our team of safety specialists maintain a constant state of preparedness and are ready to roll out exhaustive, state-of-the-art emergency response and recovery procedures. We partner with outside emergency organizations and fully embrace scrutiny from regulatory agencies.